On Page Services


The main premise on which on page optimization works is to make the different web pages easily accessible to the search engines and get them indexed so that they can draw tons and tons of traffic to the website to generate more business and increased ROI thereon to the online business.

For a website to be search engine optimized in all aspects one has to predominantly look into the on-page optimization factor first. This helps the website get a better rank than when compared to other internet marketing strategies which too give a good result but not as significant as on-page optimization. There are indeed, quite a number of factors that go into making all the web pages in a website search engine optimized. Principally, it is the content with appropriate keywords and density, secondarily the title tags, alt tags and Meta tag descriptions along with the HTML tags and thirdly it is the image and browsing speed optimization. Too many images on the website or too long a video too might not sustain the interest of the visitor. Browsing speed and navigation speed have to be optimized so that the visitor remains interested in what the website has in store for him and a site map would definitely accentuate the browsing experience


  • Enhance visibility. With regularly updated content and entire on-page optimization, the visibility of the website is enhanced manifold.
  • Improve ranking. The same factors too are again responsible for giving a better rank to the website.
  • Build great link popularity through quality embedded links and contextually relevant links.
  • Equips the website thoroughly to get lifted and indexed in the SERPs and draws targeted traffic to the website.
  • Image and page download optimization help in giving a better visual experience to the visitor and make a lasting impact on their mind.
  • Assured traffic because of the procedure followed to search engine optimize the website through on-page optimization.


  • Content is king and having it with the right keywords interspersed at the right places and in right density is the main task that is accomplished at RenderRush.
  • Title tag, Meta tag and alt tag optimizations so that they contain the keywords which will help a definite indexing in the SERPs.
  • Image Optimization so that the images that are embedded in your website get crawled and easily get indexed by the search engines.
  • Link optimization is done through making use of relevant anchor text with the keyword and making use of permalinks so that your website is valued highly by the search engines.
  • Keyword optimization is the chief part of the entire on-page optimization process and a thorough research on the same would give great results.
  • HTML tags usage at appropriate places.