Touted as very powerful and latest methods in link building strategies, that can drive traffic to your web page from different locations, Link Wheel Service is one SEO strategy that one should not miss. The entire process relies on building links that go from your site to different sites that have web 2.0 properties. When unique content related to the specific niche of your website is created and submitted in these web 2.0 property sites, you get a minimum of two backlinks to your web page. The links between your website and the other web 2.0 property sites is in the form of a wheel that is linked and hence the name. Google especially values these kinds of links for the content is qualitative as well as related or rather connected.


  • An assured way of getting guaranteed Google indexing because of the quality links that are present in the articles posted on different web 2.0 sites.
  • With enhanced visibility, you could definitely witness a surge in your sales and there by a high ROI.
  • One best way to drive organic traffic to your website because of the high PR it has achieved.


  • Website related content in the form of articles posted on different web 2.0 property sides.
  • Get organic traffic from all directions and hence a guaranteed Google indexing.
  • Can have your presence in the major social bookmarking sites which are the latest sensation with many people.
  • The link wheel that is formed is what makes this SEO strategy very different from the other strategies.